Not enough anymore

Deny, deny, deny,
I am still in every blink of your eye
You still don’t see
The colors that formed me
Liar, liar, liar
Every sound has ashed in fire!

Lace, on a bed without a trace
Hints of sounds that bring disgrace
Fury burns inside my eyes
Spitting blood among your cries!
Just a step over the line
To a rage that shall confine
The words that speak such shallow sounds
It is your lack that caused these bounds!
You spoke so fine with all these lies
I’ve come to see a love that dies
A vision of a hurred past
A lie, you knew, it couldn’t last!

Respect my youth
Too young to hide
Among the able couth
Or the slither that abides.

The best you can do
Is not good enough anymore.


4 thoughts on “Not enough anymore

    • Thank you, I am so honoured for your interest and comment. I wrote it in a fit of rage, that I know will pass soon enough. Thank you so much for reading Cheyenne. All my love and lots of hugs

      • :)) you guys make me smile:)) I am really glad Cheyenne joined us, thank you kindly for encouraging me. Both of you. I send you all my love and hope you have a wonderful Sunday.
        Right now, I’m sitting in a coffee shop, grateful for your interest in my work, watching a five year old girl bite angrily out of her croissant, and intensly( almost stalking:)) ) eyeing up the guy at the table next to me:)))))) a girl has to have some fun: D

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