Release to fly

Looking through, I heard piano keys
among words that seemed to tease
a side of me that was confused
a side of me that felt abused…

Another trigger, pushing a bigger
laugh exploding into a vile snigger!
Another girl, with a finger on a gun
pushing buttons just for fun

Relay the cordeless sounds
that have me forget all bounds.

Man of my heart, I understand
That true love does not demand.
It does not ask, impose or scream,
it is…a dream counting downstream.

For what you say, I hear with heart
and even when I miss, we’re not apart
and what I know does not conclude
the times I paint with sounds so crude!

This note is a release
it is a plight for peace
For I see, I have to let us go
in order for my soul to grow.

I clipped your wings
to play your strings;
and… I colored this “me” that clings.
Forgive a portrait, forgive what brings.

I stick your feathers in a ruffle
and all the feeling that will shuffle
I give you space among your way
For what I feel, is here to stay.

Release to fly,
Not a goodbye,
just a bud on a rose
just my life in prose
just a step I take
To finally being awake.



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