Missing her

He had been on the road for 2 days now, had driven all the way to Germany and back. He felt as if he hadn’t had any time to breathe.

These clients had been a big headache, they were inflexible and the whole deal he’d been working on for the last two months, would have gone straight down the drain, if he had made the wrong move. He had been juggling words and opinions, diplomacy and his company’s interests for the last week and a half, just now finally paying off. He had struck a 20 million euros contract, and he was more than proud of himself.

Thing was, as proud as he was, he wanted to share firstly with a woman…a total stranger, by any standard. He’d met her a couple of days before having to leave for Germany and had taken her out just once. Something stirred him about her.

She had been a breath of fresh air. Open, kind, positive. He had been taken back by her forwardness and the character she seemed to show. There was nothing wrong with the fact that she was easy on the eyes, either. What he had liked from the get go about her, was her modesty.

Even though, as they entered the restaurant, heads spun just to watch her walk, conversations stopped for the price of a second and everyone was acutely nice to her, she seemed unaware. She had no obvious ego about her looks. She was equally kind to everyone, often enough joking with the staff, or helping them out. She seemed very refined but her gestures betrayed this quality to be one acquired, not born into. She kept tidying up the table, trying cut the waiter’s work short, a gesture he found endearing.

She had a bright smile, which she had adorning her figure, all evening. She was beautiful. Long dark hair, caramel skin, bright blue eyes. She wore a simple dress, a shade of camel that perfectly complimented the tone of her skin. He felt a bit intimidated by this woman, so much younger than him yet so confidently serene.

They sat at the table, next to one another, while he told her of his travels and the deal he was about to get into. He asked her about her work, her hobbies, he wanted to know everything about this woman. Her answers were surprising and funny. She didn’t seem to take herself too seriously, he accounted that to her youth. Hadn’t felt the hours go by, or the phone buzzing e-mails, calls and texts. She had asked for the check, excusing herself for an early meeting in the morning, for he could have spent the whole night talking to her. She was sexy, witty, intelligent and interesting.

For the couple of hours they spent together, he had been missing her for the past week or so. “This is new”, he thought.


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