Operation “hippo”

“Hippo” is the affectionate pet-name one of my friends uses for his mother. The woman resembles nothing of the sort, being of a small stature, frail construction and kind facial features. It seems the hippo was one of the cartoons that he loved as a child( you remember the ballet-dancing hippo) so he immediatelly associated his mother with it.

Having spent most of her life travelling the world as a dramatic soprana with the Madrigal Choire, I found the woman to be highly intimidating. After meeting her, I discovered my feeling to be childish and unjustified. There was no trace of superiority or pride about her. I immediately fell in love with her. My God, the things this woman had seen and done in the course of her lifetime… I was in awe, my mind was numb. Yes, she’s one of the LOVELIEST women I have had the pleasure of meeting. Ever!

So, maybe she is quite like the dancing hippo. With its sturdy exterior, most probable to shred another animal to bits the cartoon chooses to wear a tu-tu and delicately dance to classical music:).

Leaving aside my attempts at comparisons and reasoning, one of these past days I found cute toy hippo in a store, and before I had realised it, I had already bought it. ( I’m an impulse buyer, one of my many faults) My adventure didn’t stop at the hippo, I also bought chocolate, hippo-shaped candy and raspberry and strawberry tart( apparently, once I start buying, I can’t stop). With the whole lot before me, I called my friend and told him of my incontrollable shopping for his mother:)).

There was nothing else to do but launch operation ” taking hippo out”, and make reservations at a wonderful tea-shop near by, so we could spoil her with tea, cookies, an abundance of chocolate and the fluffy toy I had bought her.

We did just that, and as I sat there, listening to her, I could not help but appreciate how fabulous she was, how difficult it had been for her to raise the amazing man my friend is, to work so hard and so much and still be a wonderful mother, a great person, for that matter.

She wore the sweater we had bought for her last Christmas and was mighty proud of it, pointing out she had not forgotten who she received it from. You know, it’s rare these days for someone to pay such attention to the people around them. I’m lucky enough to be surrounded by such people, to whom I dedicate my heart and soul.

All in all, I am happy to report “operation hippo” was a total success:). Over and out

P.S. All my love you guys


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