Linger sorry onto your heart

Linger on the tip of my finger…

…for one moment more…

Remember, it was my soul you wore.


Linger on the tip of my finger,

for one second less

shade my heart out of distress!


Colours of hurt wrestling the sakes

of women tracing steps of my mistakes,

Misunderstanding the man that we shared;

bestowing guilt on those unprepared.


My dear, waiting for him to see your light

Will turn your love into a fight.

This moment has made you lose your way,

Made you forget the you of yesterday.


I am not mad, not for a second,

I love you woman, so I’ve reckoned

I was so selfish to have thought

I was the only one hurt caught.


I’m sorry I did not see you;

Sorry of the hurt you went through,

Sorry, for I caused confusion

Sorry, for I caused exclusion.


Even the small can bring to life

Wonder to erase all  that was strife!

I love you with all my heart

For this sorry that I impart


And I believe the lines will appease

The breathing of women that try to please

A man who has no eyes to see

Our beauty, our light or who are we.






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