A voice

I’m calling on my angels to rise

my heart right inside the glimmer of his eyes!

Calling all angels to bestow

the butterflies that in my bosom seem to grow.


Voice that favoured my desire;

burning a line with threads of fire!

I moulded a man of such relief

Spacing tenderness over my grief…


And as I was crying, my angel subsided

a healing in mind had been provided.

So as I reach for the sound of your voice

lay down my reason, for I have no choice,


I’m stolen by night, and flown onto a sight

Of the creatures that were born from light;

Stolen my thoughts out of my hair

to fleeting essence into my stare.


velvet sounds begetting bounds

looseness sirens of nature’s mounds

Calling all angels, to wipe my fears

to make diamonds out of my tears.

Calling my angels to love yours

To leave traces of water into my shores

to believe me into a queen

A woman of space that sharpens serene.






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