Out of my heart for you

For a moment in time it seemed everlasting… that you would always be mine… but I am free, and I know in my heart that you’ll always be a part of me. 

Love your heart and your soul, every single piece, in you I feel whole. –

My sweethearts, I want you to know I feel blessed to have known and know such wonderful human beings, to have been and be part of your lives and to have had and have the honour to love you with all my heart. I love so many people, sometimes I am overwhelmed by what I feel…and sometimes…there’s a small tear making its way down my cheek, into the creases of my lips…but that tear was born out of intense happiness, profound peace and a knowing of what you mean to me. More than that, a knowing that this feeling is constant, unconditional and never-changing.

So, on the day before my 25 th birthday, I want to give many thanks for you. For each and every one, for you are in my heart and soul constantly. Thank you, you guys are absolutely mind-blowing and fabulous. I love you all. 


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