Sori’s 25

Well, I have to come clean about something, I have the bad habit of kissing my phone whenever I receive a nice message, which I realise I have to stop doing, as people have been staring all morning at me while doing this( my birthday, so I’ve had a number of messages).

I’m awestruck by the amazing attention all of you have given me, and I am more than touched by your words and your willingness to play a small part in the celebration of my birthday. Thank you so much.

As one of my best friends puts it, I am “a quarter of a century today”, somewhat wiser but definitely more than grateful for the life I am living, the people I know and love( and for their love for me) and their positive input to my life. You guys are awesome!

I wish you guys the best day ever, I hug you all with my heart and soul.

Much, much love


3 thoughts on “Sori’s 25

  1. :))) Hahaha, you know romanian too, my God you guys are geniuses:))))) I can barely speak romanian and english, you guys seem to excel in italian, dutch(or german I don’t know what I saw)…KUDOS to you and THANK YOU again!!! XOXOXXOO

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