Having loved and never lost

I don’t think there is a day in my life, that I don’t tell, at least one person I love them. It’s something I couldn’t live without. If I’d be on a desert island, I’d probably end up making friends with a rock, complimenting it all day and encouraging it to grow into a mountain. ( I DO KNOW I’m not quite right in the head).

I see this as the ABSOLUTELY BEST part of life: the freedom to love anyone, anyhow, anywhere. Because love is something you create inside yourself.

I’m more and more drawn to children, and it’s maybe because of the realisation that I was a very lucky child. I had my parents by my side, they provided guidance and support, I was clothed and educated, I lacked nothing…

I do admire all of these parents that strive to give their children the best they can offer, and I so admire all of these people that stand by the causes unfortunate children face(such as poverty, disease, lack of education, abuse etc.) and I thank them with the very best inside me.

I wish I could share my luck. I love these children too and they should know, that a soul out there loves them, and even though my words can not transcend their troubles, maybe my feelings will guide a little bit of light into their youth-filled smiles. I love you little ones!

May you grow into happy, beautiful people, may you enjoy the very best of life and may you love and appreciate with all your souls. You deserve to.

I dedicate this post to the children in need of our support-The Mupenzi children’s home project in Uganda

I bid you good night, good love, good energy



2 thoughts on “Having loved and never lost

  1. Beautiful sentiments. It is touching to know there are hearts like yours out there that fully understand the power of love. Compassion and thinking about others in need are golden values. Now if everyone on our planet had this love inside them, it would be no less than paradise.

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