See boy

See boy, I love your car, but your daddy’s money will not buy my happyness with you.

Please understand, I do not look for happyness in the things you offer. You’re trying to impress a part that no longer exists. I would never be happy to receive from someone that never really gives.It’s just empty infatuation. I don’t blame you for it, it is a choice I do not wish to join you in.

I do not care to be SEEN. I do not need you to be observed, I am visible enough on my own. I do not wish to prove anything to the world, I love it too much.

I know it sounds highly puzzling to you, so take it to your heart.

I wish for something else, not presents I forget about, but ones I resonate with. They’re small, overlooked and they lie in the sincerity of an open mind.

See boy, I wish you grace and luck. They do not lie with me.


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