Reason behind it all

You see, I believe that everything happening needs to happen. I believe things are the way they should be.

If you are in my life, you’re here for a reason. I believe you touch and influence my life, because this is the way it should be. No matter how brief your presence should be, you are my teacher. No matter how little, I am yours too.

Things fall together in our lives as if it was raining pieces of a puzzle. Know that things are the way they should be. Don’t second guess, don’t doubt yourself. You are perfect as you are, there is nothing more you need, nothing to change in order to be something other than what you already are.

I’m a fickle-natured child. I’ve made peace with it. I’m in love with the woman inside me, so this way, I can love you all without wanting to change the circumstances. I have no interest in your past, your story or who you think you are. I’m interested in the person you are with ME. I’m not here to judge or rule, to dominate or impart false pretences of the way you should be. You are in my life. It means you are supposed to be here.

I’m tempered by the wonderful people around me. By the light they are so willing to shine into my life. So I am grateful I have so much to take from you. I’m grateful for this present moment, and for the unity that we all are. For the things we are able to feel through one another, for the respect I carry in my heart for you.

I am sincere always, mostly because I have nothing to lose. If you walk right out of my life, it’s because you should. I treasure what was and enjoy what is here. I don’t look for reasons behind circumstances. I never ask why.

I don’t ask what you did…important is you’re here, important is the state that is inside me. A state that you can’t shake, because no matter what you do, or how you behave, I AM THE ONLY ONE THAT CAN CHOOSE HOW I REACT AND FEEL ABOUT IT. My inner state is not dependant on anything outside myself.

Fearless – Fearful, same coin. Things always come in a couple. Where there is shadow, there must be also LIGHT. The moment I’m in, cannot be defined, so why would I try to fit it into a rigid little box, I can label and then blind myself to everything else that contradicts that label? Silly, silly, silly.

I see through you so easily. Mainly because I find there is no beginning and no end to the essence of who we are. We are entwined, a perfect mingle of energy, working and playing with our forms and our creations. I believe you’re beautiful and I believe I’m very, very grateful to be here.

Much love you all, I bid you good energy in your never-ending present moment


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