Today…I missed

Today I missed Mucha. His flowing lines and abstract colours, his detail oriented but clean work. I missed Prague. I missed the Francouzska Restaurant.

I missed Berlin. Missed its S Bahn. The smiling faces of children at the zoo. I missed taking a breath.

Today I missed. Missed London and walking 7 hours straight, until I couldn’t feel my feet. Missed Soho.

I missed Tuscany, Brunello de montalcino, cheese kept in grapes and bacon bread. Pannetone too. I missed Rome, its museum, larger than life streets.

Missed Athens. Istanbul. Susesi. Mmmmm. Missed this wide smile of my heart.:) it’s here now. It’s here for good.


1 thought on “Today…I missed

  1. What a beautiful sentiment dear Roxanne, Your memories are so wonderful. All those beautiful to have you as a guide whenever I visit those places. Your smile in your heart is so shows honey..:)). Looking forward to the next post..:))

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