If time waits for no man…

It doesn’t matter what we plan.

The secret is…time doesn’t exist,

…Be yourself, never resist.



Limitations of your mind,

ungraceful and purely unkind. 

Shyness of your words, debating my life,

colouring your essence in nuances of strife;



I miss a man mostly today;

He died, so I see him when I pray;



Relentless woman believing fear

Into an essence than becomes dear;

Relentless soul of only one light

She takes broken souls, makes them all right



Hold the clothes of my dreams

Even when I come apart at the seams

And sometimes I just need you to hold my hand

But you died, so it’s never like we’ve planned.



I wish…inevitably.. a blur;

I wish your voice would soothe my soul

…Just once more…

I wish I could feel you in my every pore.


I wish I’d drink and sip on you

find the last moment and undo

all the things I didn’t say

all the words I couldn’t allay.


I can’t find a reason why

God came to you not I.


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