Curtains drawn- a story of gratitude

I always think to myself ” I don’t know how I came to be so very lucky, to deserve all this”… And I never find an answer, but I always bask in a constant state of gratitude.

I’m grateful, ALWAYS, for my present moment. Whatever I am doing now…is the thing I am most grateful for. Grateful for what I create within this moment. For what I experience.

Grateful for you, for you read this. Grateful for all the amazing people that are part of my present and future.

And because I’m grateful for my body and the experiences it helps me have, I spoiled myself with a massage this morning. Full-body. By the time the masseuse was done, I was ready to declare my undieing love for her:)). Thank God she left the room fast enough, before I could wake from my semi-hipnotic state of mind and pick my words.

Bulgaria has impressed me, at least from the touristic point of view. The hotel is better than many other five star hotels I have been in, in countries with a superior economy, and with all the facilities to build whatever they like. The people are amazing, very civil crowd, pleasant attitude, highly detail oriented staff.

Great restaurants, amazing wine- seeing how my favorite wine-Enira- is made here( wine classified by the reputable wine expert Robert Parker, with over 90 points out of 100), I’m somewhere very near heaven.

Miss you guys, but I promise to bring back a little ray of light and love for each and every one of you:).

Much love, enjoy your weekend:)


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