It comes easy and natural to me.

It’s my constant state of mind, only today it’s better.

I love people.Why? Because if given a chance they will thrive, amaze you, love you back and give you ten fold all you give them. Because if given a chance, you will see how truly great they are. Because they’re all special in their own ways. Because they make me laugh.Because they’re beautiful. Kind. Honest. Shy. Human.

The strongest people I’ve had the pleasure of loving, are still human. Still prone to vulnerability. No matter who they are, what they have done, or how they are. I never part with them. My best friend has been away for so long, and even though I get to see her so rarely, I know that if I pick up the phone to call her, I will be able to speak my mind as if I saw her an hour ago. Because what is between us is not substance to change.

See-through. I don’t find much use for words. All stories. Present moment is always closest to the truth.

Even from across the sea,

I can hear you calling me,

No matter where you are,

Your home is in my heart.

Because when I’m tired, the smile they bring to my lips awakens me.

Focused. Driven. Connected. They give me all this.

Thank you. Deeply. I bid you a great morning, lots of love and a fantastic start to your weekend!!



2 thoughts on “Flawless

  1. Oh Roxana, Your words & enthusiasm always touches me and inspires. It is such a good feeling to pick up the phone and have a bestie you reach out like you’ve never been apart. :). I love all your blogs…please continue to keep up the fabulous work…Your dear friend Michelle 🙂

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