Realitatea On-line post: Jennifer Crestol-“Romania is unlike anything I’d seen before”–romania-nu-semana-cu-nimic-din-ceea-ce-vazusem-pana-atunci_844949.html

And the translation for Jen and my foreign friends:

The american singer, Jennifer Crestol, talked for REALITATEA.NET, about her experiences in Romania.

Jennifer Crestol came to Romania for the first time in the year 2000, on a visit. She then returned in 2001, to film a concert in front of the Palace of Parliament, for the american TV network PBS and for PRO TV. ” I was only 20 when I discovered Romania and I was overwhelmed by all kinds of emotions: it was nothing I’d seen before. I was thrilled to immerse myself in a whole new culture, the language, the food, the architecture and Romania’s mentality. I wanted to understand and to unveil this place”  she revealed for REALITATEA.NET.

The american singer became involved with humanitarian work, here in Romania. She is the Patron of ” Children in distress” foundation, which tries to help unprivileged children. This year on the 30th of June, the foundation is planning a charitable event for raising funds, an event in which Amalia Nastase has taken part in planning.

The “Humanitarian Culture” is in its beginning in Romania, thinks the singer, but it’s spreading fast. “It may not be as common as in other countries which I’ve visited, but people are trying. Romania has a special history and people have suffered a lot in their past. I think this experience will motivate people to understand the importance of these causes”.

You don’t have to be rich or famous to make a difference”, she says. “All I do is to speak from the heart, hoping that I will inspire others to help in return. When we realise how lucky we are, we should wish to make things a bit better for those that are less fortunate. Life is short and regrets are a waste of energy. This is how I feel.”

Her experience with the foundation in Romania started in 2008, when she moved to Bucharest. The wife of Great Britain’s ambassador asked her to sing at such an event. ” I insisted to visit the children at the hospital. When I saw them suffering of such horrible illnesses, my life changed. My eyes opened and ever since then I’ve done all I could to help. I feel it’s not enough, but at least I try to spread the message. These children are the true teachers: they have taught me so much about life, in such a short period of time.”


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