” Women take revenge on their husbands through their children:starving them, locking them up…” REALITATEA.NET post about MCH

A young girl from Uganda tells REALITATEA.NET about the shocking cases, that in her country, are just ordinary ones.

 Plautira is 22 years of age, has a salary of 150 dollars a month, out of which she cares for 4 orphans. When she was young, she ran away from Rwanda, with her family. She got separated from her family and grew up in an orphanage in Uganda. An orphan, without a house to call her own, a victim of the war. She survived. Now she works as a librarian for the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development in Kampala.

All she wishes is to help others , that are going through the same situation as her, survive. ” I am one of those children that have no good memories from my childhood” says Plautira for REALITATEA.NET. ” The only reason I survived was because it was my destiny to direct my attention towards children that suffered just like me”.

A volunteer friend of hers, rented an apartment where she can take care of the children. Some are affected by AIDS. “It’s common here, for the women that give birth to HIV infected children to believe that they are useless, so they simply leave them in the trash cans.” tells Plautira.

In one of those trash cans is where she found, what she calls now, her daughter.

“The war, disease, poverty and cultural and moral decay have left may children vulnerable in Uganda. These are exposed to slavery”, further reveals Plautira. Asked what people should do to help, she says:” lend a helping hand. To take the children off the streets. To give them a home and most importantly, to help them access education. ”

She talks about the problems of women in Uganda:”children are victims of ignorance. ” When women are hurt by their husbands they take it out on their children, she explains. And, as polygamy is something common in this country, women take it out on their husbands by punishing their children. “They burn them, throw them out onto the street, starve them, lock them up.”

Lior Angelovici, whose parents come from Romania, is a dentist, but he prefers to call himself a dreamer. He met Plautira on Facebook and her story impressed him.” I never thought people would help me. When I started helping children, I never expected anything” tells us Plautira.

 ” I was in a relationship with a woman from Uganda that lived now in London. I met her family and this way my eyes opened towards the african community and the problems children face over there”, explained Lior for the REALITATEA.NET. That was the moment he started looking for information, he started trying to understand better.

She told me about her life and her dream of opening an orphanage to save children from the streets”. Lior offered to help. He formed a group on Facebook called The Mupenzi children’s home Project in Uganda. In one single week the group already had 1000 members.

“I believe in the internet’s potential. I am a dentist but also a partner in a web agency. This is why I started the group online. It was like starting to clap at the end of a theater show, and the others in the room following your lead.”

He started receiving letters from people involved in other humanitarian causes, to actors from LA, like Mickey Pizzo( the actor that played Sal Pisano in the hit tv show The Sopranos). Many regular people became involved too. ” People like me, with their own lives and their own jobs. Matthew an accountant from the US, Roxana from Romania, Alannah, a model from Brazil and many others from the UK, Holland, Israel” says Lior.

I’ve never been to Uganda, but I hope to get there, alongside a group of volunteers, in september. My motto is, if you want to make things happen, you need to work, not just talk. The internet, Facebook, are very important, as long as it’s not just talk.” he says.



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