A long “Thank You”

I feel the need to thank everyone, because in the last period of my life my views have shifted. Shifted about what life is, what it means, how it should be. How I should be.

I’ve met such amazing people in the last year, and I am so grateful for all the consideration they have shown me. And because I deeply admire each and every one of them. So… let me start in the order I met them.

Thank you Linda, for your kind words and for being such a modest, amazing woman, for setting an example. For always taking the time to pay attention. I admire all you do, and you have motivated me to do something outside myself. And through that, you brought joy to me. Linda, you taught me so much. Also, thank you for being my connection to Sophie.

Thank you Soph, for being so open and graceful. For being an inspiration, for bringing a smile to my lips with each new post you make. For being there, for letting me in. I am in utter awe of your talent and your character. You’re so funny and serene, even when you’re upset. There have been many, many times you have made my day better, so thank you.

Thank you Andrew. Firstly, for that one morning( you know which) and secondly for being so amazing. For being such a modest, caring and open-hearted man. For the admiration and respect I hold in my heart for you. For all you do and the modesty with which you do everything. Thank you.

Thank you Cheyenne. For taking time to know me, for letting me in your amazing world. For giving me that chance to see something else and mostly for “holding my hand”when I really needed someone. You were great, and you just wouldn’t let me “crash and burn”. You know what I mean. I’ve told you so many times I admire your strength, your valour, your beauty and mostly your soul. THANK YOU!!!!

Thank you Lior. For allowing me to be part of this project, for letting me see another part of the human soul. For being a compassionate, amazing, bright , free and positive soul. Because I can always count on your innate light. Thank you.

Thank you Mickey. For sharing. For being such a loving man. For being you. Most importantly, for opening up to me and for always, always, paying attention. It NEVER goes unnoticed and I appreciate you so greatly for it. You’re beautiful my M. Thank you.

Thank you Plautira. Because you are utterly amazing, and you do such amazing things, never looking for comfort for yourself. I can’t tell you how much I admire you. I am proud to know you. Because you are so wonderful and you don’t know it. Thank you.

Thank you Jen. For letting me in and for being a friend. For the delicacy you show, even though you have experienced so much. For the simplicity you lead your life in and for doing so much. You inspire me. I am so grateful to know you. Thank you.

And a last thank you to a close friend, that helped me make noise for the MCH group by publishing articles in the news. For being so humble he wouldn’t even take credit for it. For offering to help. I admire the man you are, the discreet way you live your life, the humility you display. For bringing a huge smile on my face, and for being so kind to me. You’re an amazing man. Thank you for helping us.


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