Watching the creation process-2

So I sit and smile because I’m ever so lucky. I’m lucky to bring to life everything I want, JUST the very way I want it. 

I slept about an hour, that totals about 5 in the last three days. Today it’s harder, more, bigger, stronger and fuller. Today I don’t care. Today nothing is wrong(not that there ever was). Apparently I’m addicted to this state of mind. Apparently I function better if I suffocate myself with work, people, love, life! 

And my life has brought me tons of surprises. And it’s given me everything I need and SO much more. So I’m more than thankful. I’m thankful I live with innate PASSION. I’m thankful I consume every feeling I get, I burn everything and I devour all I experience. I am so very,very, very, incredibly thankful!


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