My yesterday- Sachchit.

I’m fully aware my life keeps throwing surprises at me. The biggest one being I create effortlessly. I don’t have to do anything for the right moment to come along.

and…it keeps coming…second by second…and I realise, the things I thought were important were just childish. And if you leave, if you walk right out my door, I know someone else will come right back in. So I smile. Because what you do and say does not stop me loving you. Even if you did walk out. Even when we held each other’s gaze for the last time. Even if she sits in front of you now. I’m still etched in every fibre of your being. And I’m talking about every ounce of blue lieing in your eyes. And I’m talking of every note in your comforting voice.

So I don’t wonder. I enjoy. I am grateful. I am loving. Honest. Serene. Naive. In a word. Happy. Not one. Not two. But 5. It’s always 5 and 9.

SO to my yesterday I thank the memories that I bring in my TODAY. So I thank water. I thank Lewellyn, I thank Sachchit.


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