The noble cause ISSUE(random kindness)

I keep advocating noble causes, probably because,  I mostly feel I don’t do enough. I feel I should. I feel I can. Still, it doesn’t happen. It’s just another self-imposed limit, and if I’ve broken others, I will break this too.

See, this kind of work is not seducing. It’s consuming, loving and INVOLVED. It’s my own silly fault for not understanding another way to live. Or not wanting to. It’s just that is seems natural for us to help. At the tips of our fingers. And I’m not only talking about the BIG issues of the society, or extreme cases like the ones that helps.

Children in distress paves a lighter road for children with fatal diseases. Can you imagine? We’re all born JUST so we can die, but can you imagine the 10 days you spend on this earth being inhumanely and insanely painful? CID case. A baby. A baby that never got to experience all I have, in my short 25 years of life. Love, life, passion. Only pain. And wouldn’t they deserve at least relief? Every last cent and ounce of relief that can be bought with medication, every last ounce of affection we have to offer?

How about just smiling at a person on the street? You might brighten up their day.

How about listening openly to a friend? Without judgement or hurry to get to  solution. The solution they have to find themselves, they just need you to be there.

I’m lucky because amazing people have been by my side. And because they have been there for me, through my childish problems, I am now here for others. For Plautira and http://www.mupenzi.org, for my friends, for strangers. I see no difference anymore, between them. We all need something and someone, from time to time( So you told me Chey;) ), and it’s ok.

These amazing people have taught me so much. Have protected, loved, cared for me so  very, very much. So I do not understand not helping, or turning my EYES AWAY from it. So I do not understand the question “Why would I be randomly kind?”.

So I want to do more, be more, help more, love more. And I will break every single barrier on the way there. With what? RANDOM KINDNESS.


Much love to you all. Much. Much.


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