I’m ready

I’m ready to go. Ready to thrive. Ready to create.

I’m ready to explode. With laughter,with joy! Inside me is a wonderful feeling. The world is not enough anymore. I don’t need it. I feel…overjoyed. Amazed. In awe. Humbled. I feel in love. In a deep state of love. In awe of the people around me. Of their force, love, affection, trust, respect, motivation.

I am a person that DEEPLY appreciates work. I have ENORMOUS respect for people that are so driven. ENORMOUS. I can’t tell you how much. Probably why I always improve. Because these people rub off on me. Because they teach me. Influence me.

If I treasure something profoundly,it is learning. I have a good friend I will always be in debt to because he spent two years of his life refining my taste, teaching me and constantly pushing me to grow. I honestly believe I owe him the ME that is now. This woman. So I thank him again. And Again. And Again. And I thank the respect he had and has for me. And I thank my lucky stars for all the people I have around me NOW. Because I have never, ever, felt this way before. They’re flawless, amazing, inspiring, honest, valuable, loving, smart. They’re part of my heart. Each and every one.

I feel as if my current state of joy does not depend on anything. Not what I do, or where I am or who I am with. I HAVE FUN. I can’t believe myself. Everything is amazingly fun to me, yet I seem to accomplish so much effortlessly. I just have even more fun.

I’m more and more like a child each day. And I feel secure in the idea that this is the way life should be. Fun. Effortless. Because life happens no matter what you do.  So, I run with it.

I am so grateful. SO VERY, DEEPLY GRATEFUL. AMAZED. I’m so very in love. With my life and all the people in it. SO THANK YOU. For letting me in. For allowing me to have fun with you, for tolerating my childish nature and for nurturing me.



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