It’s perfect

What a breath of fresh air. To see this kind of honesty, to talk to someone who understands there are no games to play. That if we want to enjoy this, honesty is the best policy. That there is no point in wasting my time, or his time, by hiding anything.

I feel secure in my sincerity. And I wish for nothing yet I keep receiving. I expect nothing from no one and need no one by my side but I’m amazingly loved and protected by such wonderful people.

But…last night….last night was something else. A whole new level of mind-blowing. Of information, power, sexuality and love. To be so secure in your skin that you can afford not to hide anything. Well. Well. I never thought I’d meet my match. Seeing how fortunate I am, that I have stirred my world upside-down in the last year, I’ve met my match.

A man who stands proud. Sincere. Unpossesive. Amazingly smart. Immensely respectful. Fascinating from every point of view. I do create everything I want. And I LOVE EVERY SECOND OF IT.


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