Thank you

See, I feel a huge need to thank my good friend,because he organised two amazing days for me. I had to cut my trip short because I need to sort out all the things I have to do next week, so I want to share all the gratitude I have for all he has done for me. Without any expectation of anything in return(him).

Thank you firstly for the invitation, and for taking care of all the arrangements necessary for the trip. All I had to do was come and enjoy myself without worrying about ANYTHING.

Thank you for you bright spirit, kind words, amazing sense of humour and your constant positive attitude. You really amazed me. You also constantly kept me laughing, even when I told you I had to leave.

Thank you for taking manners to a whole new different level. Even though I never said anything, don’t think I didn’t see the way you recorded what I liked and ordered for me, the way my glass was never empty, the way my choices were always the ones given priority.

The way you paid attention to details. The way you diplomatically did what was best for me( even when I was saying I wasn’t tired, you noticed a slight yawn and swiftly took care of the bill, saying the music was bad( even though I could see clearly you were enjoying yourself)- or the way you cohersed me out of the sun, fully knowing that at those hours the rays are dangerous for my health, by telling me you want me to see your favorite restaurant, with seafood( knowing it’s my favorite)). It has not escaped me that the hours you apparently left me alone by the pool you had talked to the staff to keep an eye out/ take care of my needs. Or that you remembered by heart everything I had told you I loved. Or the fabulous rose wine, you went out of your way to find for me.

Nor has the fact that you never once imposed a schedule. Or told me what to wear, or how, or demanded explanations for my excentric way of being.

Nothing escaped my detail oriented attention. Nothing. But I was stunned. And I kept waiting, partly enjoying your amazing way of being and partly expecting it to end. It didn’t end. You got more and more amazing by the second and your honesty, your kindness, attention and care for me has left me feeling utterly helpless in the face of the gratitude I have for knowing you. People surprise me. You certainly shocked me to my essence. You have made me look at men from a whole new different point of view.

I am touched, awe-struck and recklessly in love with this friendship. I could fill entire books with gratitude gor all you did, from forcing me out to celebrate my change of job, to taking me on this vacation to rest, to offering to cut your trip short( even though you had arrangements made until tomorrow), so you could take me back. There is no “Thank you” I can say that is good enough for all you have done. But I’ll say it anyways, in my heart, thousands of times, all the way home.:) THANK YOU.


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