King of nine

Break apart the men that lie naked in your right eye. I want something else. I can. And I am. Now. Limitless. Awoken. Shoot.

Infatuated with her, the smell of her skin, the way she touches me…the way I can’t get her smell out of my hair…control was lost and I can hardly bear..

I can hardly contain

I can hardly refrain

and I just have to stroke

pieces of her smoke

I just have to lose my mind again

I would rather not ask when

For just one moment more

I’d know she’s mine for sure…

Tracing circles on her hips

uncontrollable shaking keeps

making her stomach pulsate

losing count from 9 too late…

Want to tear her from the heart

want her so badly I can’t stand apart!

Scratch her perfection away

So she’ll remain just mine to lay!

Tear her lips because I miss

Her smothering tongue over my kiss!


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