Not much else

That feeling of not needing much else…not air, not words, not water.

The energy that derives from a state of complete and utter complicity of someone else’s skin and soul. I believe in the lack of separation. I believe in a form of union that most of our minds never ganther. And it’s within our reach, if we just keep our eyes(minds/souls/ JUST KEEP) open.

I want the quiet. Tranquil state that lies in this not needing much else. Not air, not people, not life even. Just the ocean of peace that spurs on imperturbability. Rest. PEACE.

So now…I’m making space. Space for…peace. Love. Quiet. Shyness. …and because I’m blessed from the INSIDE out…I know I will get it.

So I wish you a lot of love. An empty mind. Energetic soul and a whole lot of stunning creation. Much love all


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