I can’t

Today I can’t. And that’s ok.

I can’t do more. I’m still so in love with people. So in love with their strange ways of rationalizing, of their fear of the uncertain, of their amazement  of truth.

In love with their egos and their stupid creations of identities. You’re no one no matter who you think you are, and only a person with wisdom sees the nothing they really are in the face of the life around us. And I’m grateful to know one such person. Very lucky.

Lucky to be blessed with not being able to handle today. Ok. So today I can’t. Today I find myself in this limit. And the longer I stare into it I realise it dissipates and there is no limit. It’s just the way it should be. The way I was supposed to explode. The was I was supposed to hear his voice. The way I’m supposed to remember I’m no one. I’m not special, I just am, and that is always more than enough.

And I don’t care. Not for his ego, or hers. Or even mine.

And I am so grateful to be empty of all feeling right now. Grateful for Sophie’s never-ending random kindness. I appreciate your support so much. It was what I needed to hear. Thank you.

Ok. So today I can’t. Can’t what? I can’t remember. So maybe. Maybe. Maybe I can. Maybe I need to re-think, re-birth and smile.Maybe I need to do nothing. Because I’m enough. And fucking grateful for that.


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