I love my life

After posting a disappointing disappointed post and deleting it with the same disappointment, of course, I am again shown how lucky I am, and how childish my feelings are.

First of all…I love my job! I get to meet lots of people, I get to do lots of things, it’s one of the few jobs that have as little routine as possible. I don’t have to go to the same place every morning, I’m entrusted with huge responsibility(which I’m more than grateful and respectful for), my co-workers are fun, I’m not bound by any rules or restrictions. I wear what I want, do what I want( with certain limits, of course). My job is always a challenge, my job is basically my new man, and it is every bit consuming and passionate just like my temper.

Second of all…I love people. I’m loved by many people in return. Like my former employers that are still encouraging me and taking care of me. It melts my heart with gratitude towards their graciousness and openness as to embrace such a person as myself. I never thought people could be so kind.

Third of all…I have a wonderful man by my side. And he’s everything I ever wanted. Without possession or stupid fights. He’s respectful, amazing, gorgeous, loving, caring, attentive and he spoils me. And although he travels a lot he makes efforts to be in my life and to be present towards my achievements. I don’t think I could ask for more( even though I’m always tempted to:)) )

And lastly but not least…I have an amazing bunch of friends. Real friends, that know and love me with their heart and soul. Friends that are themselves such gems…and I’m amazed they’ve let me be part of their lives…even more so that they remain present in mine and ever so involved. By their choice. Because they love me.

So whenever I write the “disappointed” blog again…remember I go crazy from time to time. And I’m childish. But I’m told my fickle nature is one of the most lovable things about me. So thank you. I wish you all peace, love, a whole lot of kindness and space. You deserve it.



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