I admire…





I admire your strength. The way you’re so present and understanding. Your wisdom and all the space you create in your life.

From a certain point in my life, I’ve started looking through a different mirror. All the thoughts that seemed to run through my head are now so unimportant. That is what they were, soap bubbles that kept being blown by my mind.

Important for me…has become peace. Without reasoning or explanations to anyone or for anything. I have made the positive decision I want to live this life, without questioning it or chasing something. There is plenty to enjoy.

I love people with all my heart, so I don’t judge them. Because I can never properly understand a person, no matter how much information I have about them. I have realised that judgement comes out of insecurity of one’s self. A distraction from living your own life and a way you think you are dividing the world…into those less than you and those more than you..and it never works out. Because no one is less or more. They’re different, amazing, silly…mostly…what they want to be. Primarily…never the same. They are just reactions the things we judge. Feelings…are only the surface of the water. What we are is deeper and undefinable.

So at this point in my life…I appreciate the love. Transparence of people. Sincerity.

People try to hide behind well thought out identities, masks that never last. So they spend most of their lives trying to hide behind them, trying to piece them together. So afraid to just be, to just live their lives.

And wisdom, sincerity or openness is not for the SPECIAL people. It is something we all have access to. In my belief, there is no such thing as special, maybe… different…and even this different is the same in a way. Our essence is one and the same.

So I admire…this wonderful moment. For all it brings and instills in me. I feel very blessed. I am very grateful. Mostly, I am where I’M SUPPOSED TO BE.

Much love to all…bid you good night and a lot of enjoyment of your present moment.


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