The “coca” attitude

Basically, I’m a straight forward gal. I don’t play around. Not in my personal life, certainly not in my professional one. I speak only my truth. I bend for no one. I do only what I want and I wish. I get things done.

This is why I do not understand( although I shouldn’t try to) people who can’t, for the life of them, admire and recognise truth. Vibration. Life. People that go around life, for the sake of saving a buck, only to lose ten on the way.

See, when you’re limiting yourself, it’s always out of an insane fear of losing, not being enough, needing desperately. I know that.

I respect the human soul too much to take it to heart. I do admit I can’t grasp or have any compassion for this type of attitude. I think life is as you create it. THIS IS A POINT I WISH TO CREATE without judging him. Kinda hard, as I would like to wring his neck into two. Maybe more. Yeah, today I’m a bitch. Rightfully so. But no matter, I always land on my feet, and this situation I find myself in is more likely funny than anything else.

It’s not my business why people choose to react/act the way they do towards me or the rest of the world. IT IS MY CHOICE HOWEVER WHETHER I STAY AROUND THOSE PEOPLE, WHETHER I CONDONE THEIR ACTIONS, WHETHER I REACT OR PEACEFULLY WALK AWAY.

So this is a letter of …PEACE. LOVE. AMAZEMENT. I always create everything I wish. I will create again. Right now, in this moment there is no issue. Just a fulfilling state of being. Just my loved ones in my thoughts, the newly acquired friends I have made, the grace of the ones that inspire me, the voices I love and repeat through my mind. The people I admire. All the love I’m amazed by. The noise and the silence that really lies in it.

So for all the silence that dissipates the noise..a lot of love to you,



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