Combining worlds

…dedicated to my very own Hellen of Troy…

Right now, I feel very lucky. A year ago to this day…I didn’t believe I’d feel this way. I know everything passes and this is proof. Proof that feelings lie. I felt like I was ending. As if I’d die my death many times more before facing what I was supposed to face. Thinking the kind of passion that lied in me, then, would never come again.

And …here I am today. Faced with a world thousands of times better, brighter, fuller. I’ve learnt so much, mostly about being humble, yet I still have to learn. For a period of time I lived in this capsule where everything was a show no-one could afford, put on for the sake of a never-satisfied ego that never felt good, no matter how much you’d try to feed it.

I’ve learnt to live my life simply and enjoy how wonderful it is. I’m facing a challenging period right now…a transition…and I slowly build a puzzle, for I know everything is as should be. The work is, the feelings are, the negative and the positive. I know I’ll get there. I know my life will take me where I should be. So I love you all again.

I’m reminded how many beautiful people I know. How wonderful they are, and how much they make my world brighter.

I’m thankful right now. Thankful because I meet new people daily. Because my world changes every single moment. Because my options are limitless. Because I love. Because the passion I thought I’d never reach again has been surpassed by a longshot.

I’m happy right now. As always, I’m very, very grateful. I live my life exactly as I want to. With innate freedom, a freedom that starts inside, unconstrained by who I try to appear or whom I know, what I own or people I try to impress. I just do what I do best, I love with all my heart and soul. I appreciate all that you guys bring to my life, all the support and kind words, all the love, timeless random generosity and energy.

I love each one for different reasons, but I can honestly say…I’m never going to doubt my passion again . Ever. Or the course of my life. In the end, I’ll do what I do best: love.


A huge smile, a lot of love and a great night you guys





1 thought on “Combining worlds

  1. twisted, yet fascinating. combinig worlds is like cooking: each new flavor makes it more complex, more heavy and you never know whether that is for the better or worse of your dish. yet you do it. no paprika so far, still 😉 keep doing this, you’re good.

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