I must be:

the simmering heat in the beat of your heart

the side of your soul that brings you to start;

I must be the you you’re looking for,

The only woman making you wish more;

The side of the moon you can’t see

the one understanding the need to be free…


And I feel like I want to go home

But I’d leave you all alone…


Tell me why you fell for the shooting star

why my perfume flavors your cigar…


I must be the unforgettable of near and far

The ray for which you left your door ajar


So…come away with me in the night

Come away with me, and I’ll write

Another present made for us…

never-ending now without the fuss


Come away with me, I’ll promise to stay…

I’m the reason you wake up each and every day…

So just come away…





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