Gratitude lives inside me, I just need to focus my attention on the present moment, which is always indisputably perfect.

There’s a  lot of gratitude for the opportunities that lie my way, for the way I love the people I work with and for…For I admire greatly the trust bestowed on me, and the patience to teach me…the things that are done to motivate and keep me here. There’s a lot of wisdom, patience and trust. Which I am more than grateful for. There is a huge amount of gratitude and admiration for the man I see, the way a man should be…changed my beliefs, and proved me wrong. Another thing I am grateful for, as this proof only goes to show what happens when you limit yourself to your beliefs and blind your heart to what is really around. A distorted picture of the mind is formed and from that spawns an entire system of beliefs, expectations and projections…all pointless.

So I rejoice in gratitude and I just am.

 I feel I’m offered an opportunity that I wouldn’t have anywhere else, for I know that this moment is as should be…for I know I keep growing and happiness is just a choice to be…there’s nothing, no one I need to make my spirits high…just look through…and live with every fibre this moment. Allow the present to be.

So ease…patience..and a lack of all effort.

” And when you smile…you smile alone…:) “


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