Gratitude for 2011

1. I’m grateful for people. I love them and they are perfect, just the way they are, even if they don’t see it.

2. I’m grateful for my family, for they have been there for me even when I didn’t know they were.

3. I’m grateful for the two lawyers that formed me with such patience and understanding. They allowed me to grow and they respected my work. Thank you to both F.C and L.D.

4. I’m grateful for my actual employer that has provided me with wisdom, great opportunities, has taught me, took care of me and shared his family with me.

5. I’m grateful for Anna, her kindness and wisdom has been an inspiration for me.

6. I’m grateful for the friends that have become my family in Malta: Ian, Trevor, Gintare, Cristina…

7. I’m grateful for Llewellyn, for I still reap the benefits of all he has taught me and I wouldn’t be the proud woman I am today without him.

8. I’m grateful for Jen and the friendship she showed me. The time with her was precious and I miss her.

9. Grateful for Malta.

10. Grateful for Lior, Plautira and the Mupenzi Children’s Group.

11. Grateful for the love people share and have towards me.

12. Grateful for how lucky I am.

13. Grateful for Chey because she is another one of the women that show me females are a force of nature.

14. Grateful for Sophie, to whom I send all my love and appreciation for the random kindness she has taught me and the attention she gave me when I needed it most.

15. Grateful for Linda, for her beauty , modesty and affection.

16. Grateful for my two loves Carmen and Dragos.

17. Grateful for my Hellen of Troy and for Cristina, for all they mean to me. ❤

18. Can I also be grateful for my new pair of shoes?:D

19. Grateful for my entire family…because they are related to me and there is NOTHING they can do about it. :))

20. Grateful for new, old and future friends. Thankful for all the positive energy everyone here invested in my welcome to this new country.:) You have all made me feel at home.

Grateful for this moment, because I send you all a lot of love, a lot of beauty, positive energy and I give you the best that lies in me…the present moment.


Much, much, much, much, much love you guys…and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!




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