Not today

No limits. Not today.

So…I’ve always lived with innate passion. The kind that can posess, infatuate, take over…and I am so grateful for that…I am grateful for the fact I see no limits, I find no boundaries, and I’ve always been lucky enough to get exactly what I want. In fact, more than I want.

Today I’m grateful for the one standing next to me. For his love, unrelenting attention, patience, wisdom and trust. For the fact that he is a friend like no other. Because he takes care of me, loves me and has patience with my childish ways. Because he lets me play and always cleans up my mess. Because he never complains,and lets me make my own mistakes. Because he lets me be free.

I can’t live without freedom. I cannot define myself in a set of terms. I do not want to define anything or anyone because I don’t believe in limits. There is so much gratitude for this very moment, and so much appreciation flowing through my body…for all the amazing people beside me.

So much wonder that comes out of how perfect timing is…reminding me how small and uneventul my thoughts are, in the grand scheme of things. Reminding me that planning, is just a limit.

So, in this moment, a big thank you to a very kind friend, that has proven over and over what he feels for me. Thank you. You are one of the reasons why I believe so strongly in people, why I believe with a certain nonchalance that there are no limits to love and true friendship. I know there’s nothing I can say or do to repay your kindness, but I can be grateful for it with all my heart. 🙂


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