Not for the weak of heart, the superficial, or the mind oriented….”Pina” must firstly be felt unfiltered, raw, agressive and MUST be let in…

The entire work of art is a moving piece of poetry, a dancing painting, an architecture of colour so complex that it seems graceful and blatantly effortless…

There was no room for my mind, in the time I watched it. There was no room for blinking, at a point my eyes were so dry from trying to take the whole action in, that I HAD to remind myself to blink. The music…transcended the life that was in front of you. It just spoke without a single question or presumptuous expectation of what modern dancing is.

“wow!” is still on my lips this moment, yet I know it does not begin to consume the array of feelings that I managed to experience in a passionate two hours of dancing.

I devoured life in all its stages, with a lust that consumes everything to ashes, just to reborn it into some other form of energy.

My mind is numb, and while I tried so hard to keep all of my ideas, I know they are unimortant in the face of the experience itself. “Pina”. Wim Wenders. BRILLIANT!


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