If there’s a thing I deeply understand, is that human beings sabotage their own happiness. We want love, affection, connection, communication, we want to share, enjoy, team-up, yet, we play such sordid little games.

To this day I refuse to understand to value someone as monetary. As a trade. As a demeaning aspect of opportunity. And I state this with an open heart. I believe my life is better because of what I stand for, and the people, wonderful by most means, are in my life because of this creed.

I believe in utter love without remorse, I believe in a passion that is not confused with lust, I believe in affection without limitations or requests. To quote ” a love that requests is not love but trade.”

I am drawn by people. I am amazed by the capacity we have to create in the same manner I am amazed by our capacity to shoot ourselves down. Our capacity to sabotage, to lose confidence and basically lose sight of how great this life is and the array of opportunity for happiness.

It pains my heart deeply to see souls throw themselves away. i’m guilty of it too, I think we all are at a point or another. What matters is…limitations are always self imposed. Love should come naturally, without boundaries, requests or limits. It should build into respect, communication and freedom. It should be a state of enjoyment of sharing an essence of what we are. Pure and utter magic.

So, on that note…I bid you all a lot of love and more self confidence. Achieving anything comes out of the utter belief that you can get it. I am proof of that in more ways than one. I am so grateful for the love, appreciation and genuine kindness of those around me. I am grateful to be lucky and very open. Most of all..I am grateful to be free inside firstly. šŸ™‚

Much love you all,



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