Thank you

The amount of gratitude that lies inside me for the respect you have shown me cannot be compressed into a simple “Thank you”.

So I shall not thank you, but relish in the qualities you show me. In the honesty you exhume, in the way that you have put your trust in me and for the opening you have… Mostly…for being there when I needed a friend.

You are an amazing person. Amazing. Crazy. Nonetheless, impressively wonderful.

I am always astounded by the force with which you drive your life, the power for creation you have… You’re a great friend and I probably won’t be able to relate how blessed I feel to be in a strange country but to have as support someone such as yourself. Especially..when there are no moral obligations of any kind…I’m just another person you know.

I feel humbled that you were willing to rip apart your free time just to listen to me…don’t think it goes unnoticed. Thank you.

You are now one of the people I am grateful for.. One of the people I run through my mind at the end of every day, as I count all my blessings.

I’m a lucky one:).

All of my love, light and peace,



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