Plautira Mbabazi

” I am forever grateful that in my life I met you. I always think about you and that encourages me to keep going everyday. You introduced me to the world of people. I love you so much sister and I will never forget what you did for me. You showed me life and you gave me reason to feel truly loved. Thank you sister.” 10 march 2012 Plautira

These are the words of Plautira, a girl that is not related to me, nor have I ever met in person. A virtual stranger that makes me humble in the face of the gratitude she showes me for doing something that comes natural to me. Listen and support.

This is a child that bears on her shoulders the lives of so many other children, showing me the kind of wisdom that you might be lucky to find in an elder.

How could I ever complain about my life, when I know what she is going through…and still, the only thing she does is give thanks for me acting as a human being. How could I ever allow myself to think I am important, or special, when I understand the world is so much bigger than me?

How could I lie or set limits for others around me, when this girl, even in desperate situations, has never taken advantage of my kindness, and humbled me with her love and understanding? I can’t. In the beginning, I really thought I was the one doing the helping. Only later on I realised, the one helping, was her. She has taught me so much, that my ignorance cannot exist in mind anymore, without great discomfort.

She is still making me face the hardest lessons of my life. Whenever I start believing I am special and awesome, whenever my ego starts inflating my tiny head…for the pettiest reasons…I just think of her. I think of her and I understand. I think of her and I become appreciative. I think of her and I know I’m not afraid to be vulnerable and masks are not an option for me. She is one of the reasons that I allow myself to love with all my heart without thinking “What if…the other person..”, who cares? Love is something you create inside yourself, you either do or don’t and it does not depend on their feelings reciprocating. It’s something you feel and that’s it. And that internal freedom is just shattering…and mind boggling. And Plautira gave me that. And she gave me the knowledge that I can do and feel as I want because I am strong enough to get up and do it all again if I have to.

I give thanks for you oli malaika. For your beauty, strength, affection, understanding and wisdom. For your freedom. For everything.

Simple: I love you sister.

The story behind Plautira:


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