The insecurity issue

If you want to see me run, all you have to do is stir up drama. I just have a natural instinct to say “goodbye”.

the mind is a wonderful thing when used as a tool, but not when it’s left to roam free and invent imaginary problems. It’s just what I believe in and how I have guided my life. I’ve done the drama, the insecurity, the intolerant and judgemental part and it got me nowhere. In fact, the only one hurting, was me.

What I realised, was that life is too short to complain all the time, and too beautiful not to take advantage of it. People are wonderful once you let go of paranoia. Nobody is perfect so all you can do is accept them and go forth seeing their best. We cannot control so many things in life so there is no use on blinding yourself with schemes and plans or expectations. All that matters is the present moment. It’s why I always try my best to see the light and feel good wherever I am. I am not insanely happy all the time, but I live my life with passion and love. And that guides me well.

Why I don’t try to convince anyone of ANYTHING and why I allow others the same freedom I allow myself. It’s why my life is falling into place in strange and beautiful ways. Why there is more gratitude in me and why even when I am insecure( I am guilty of it as well) it doesn’t last too long. Because I KNOW EVERYTHING passes. I KNOW life means abundance and positivity.

I know.

And on that note…I’m thankful once more. So…I bid you love and light and go to bed xxx


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