The Maltese part of my heart

My Captain bought me roses as congratulations for my success

You know, it’s very often I sit and reflect how I got to live this way. Or why. Or how come I receive abundantly and positively…I never find an answer. I am neither special or of special surroundings. I am a grateful person however. A loving one. I trust and walk my life with my eyes closed, and still, there is a force somewhere that guides me without a flaw. I lead a stunning life by the grace of God and I wake up thankful for it and go to bed in the same manner.

I am in love with people. This is my mantra. So far I have not been wrong. Yes, people are not perfect, but as long as you see their light you will never be disappointed by their shadows. You will not expect them to hold the world on their shoulders and wipe away your problems. I don’t. I love the people around me as if they are me. They make mistakes.

Some hide behind their egos. Some are silently afraid and they lead others to think their silence is an act of self-confidence. Some are proud, so they act constantly aggressive.

The secure, are the transparent people. The ones that will tell you they love you but your negative reaction will never move a muscle in their soul. They will not change in the face of no reciprocation. Those are the people I fall hardest for.

Some are wiser than us. So they let us praise ourselves thinking we’re fooling them…yet in our ignorance we do not realise…the wise see through us…and with a calm smile they love us just the same.

I do not know why people love me the way they do. Why they support and help me. Why they celebrate me even when I can’t see myself. I just know I am grateful for it. I know that in depth, Malta has taught me a lot. Malta, for me, is a piece of my soul I had been missing since birth. I came here and I felt at home. I felt connected. Protected. I still feel this way.

The friends I have there, ranging from close to mere likeable aquaintances…have been my teachers. In terms of values, communication and trust.

This is why I always smile. In my head there’s only one thought: ” I LOVE PEOPLE.” And even when people are trying really hard to be unlovable…I still do. I just let them have a really hard time trying to do unlovable things and push fearfully all this wisdom away. The problem is…this never flinches. Because it is a choice I make, from the awareness that: No matter what happens, life goes on. So I might as well LOVE and SMILE about it.

Much love to all, Maltese or not



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