Self-confident gratitude

Sun is out…Naples’ waters seem to smile, people are happily chattering along the dock expecting today’s race…and I’m enjoying the passers-by greeting me. How could I not love a nation that includes a compliment in every greeting?:)

I thought I would treat my crew today, so I surprised them by giving them my VIP passes to Club 45, the Venue for the official race watching, set up by the America’s Cup Event Planning team. Funny how something that means so little to me, can mean so much to them. I’m grateful that I’m here and with the Grace of God, I am able to be one of the people coordinating these things, so I am put in the privileged position of having a choice over who goes where…

This is a day of peace and inner gratitude for me. Life has taught me that things never work out the way you plan, so you shouldn’t plan but be open to opportunities around you. Life has taught me that you can have very little qualities …but as long as you are humble and self-confident you can get anywhere, reach anyone and do anything.

You may be stunning and may have a brilliant mind, but the world will pass you by if you do not embrace it with confidence.

I am not special in any way yet things keep making my life more and more amazing. I have been blessed with amazing people. I have been blessed to fall in love with them. I have been blessed with a privileged lifestyle and with enormous gratitude for it.

I am a simple girl with a very beautiful life, surrounded by genuine and kind people. 🙂

I am a normal woman who is self-confident enough not to trust anyone/anything else but her heart, so I can allow the freedom of speech, choice and lifestyle to all around me. And to be hoonest…it’s a relief! Judging others all the time is maddening! It’s extremely hard to wear the world on your shoulders and I have simplified my life by letting the world take care of itself and me take care of myself. From the inside-out. This has worked pretty well so far. It has brought me a lot of experiences, a lot of love, a lot of truth.

I am not perfect. I don’t have the aspiration to be perfect either. I truly believe the persons that love me…love me FOR my imperfections, not in spite of them.

So…I’m grateful. On a boat. In Naples. Enjoying MY world. 😉

Much love to all



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