awakening presence

At some point, I was lucky enough to make a conscious decision to stop taking my life for granted.

I decided I would not run after things that seem shiny and nice, neither will I obliterate positive energy trying to prove a point. I have nothing to prove, to show, not to myself or anyone else. What is amazing to me is the rate with which I have changed from the inside out. The things that used to burn me in the past, are mere nuisances now, and the things that used to severely hurt me do not go anywhere near my heart. πŸ™‚

It’s why I’m able to smile constantly, and to present myself in all my truth. Flaws and all.

Life has granted me exceptional conditions, amazing people, and most of all: presence and a lot of good energy. It’s also brought me to Malta, which I have fallen head over heels with. I think the Maltese energy is a vibrantly positive one, embracing those new here. It’s also the perfect country for my first steps, for my building stones, for the lessons I feel I’m learning. The compatibility between me, THIS exact point in my life and Malta is pure poetry in action.

I’m ever so thankful for it. I’m thankful for all those that have been next to me and have helped me out. For the people who were part of my heart, even for a while…because life brings and takes people out of your present, but they each teach you something. And Malta has definitely taught me a lot. I think it has offered profound insight into myself, before all else. It has pushed me to look inside so deep…now nothing breaks me. Nothing touches me the way it used to. And it’s beautiful. I am ever so grateful for that.

For the amazing feeling that I don’t hold grudges or take things personally. Because I believe nothing is personal. I believe that when we try to hurt another person it is because of our own insecurities. Because our egos get the best of us. Because we want to be loved and at some point we felt rejected, and that hurt. But it’s all lies of an overwhelmed mind:). There is no hurt, no identity, no rejection. There is only presence, a game of energy, that follows a course we can’t understand mostly, but always follows what is best for us…always.

If something happens, I accept it as THOUGH I CHOSE IT. So, I can’t be mad. It means it is supposed to happen, and it is in my best interest. This…allows me to have the comfort of such freedom. This allows me to have patience with people’s insecurities. And with my own. πŸ™‚ Maybe that’s how I should start: knowing these things allows me to have patience with myself, allow myself to fail and encourage myself to try again, support myself to go after what I want and allow everything to be an experience instead of labelling it a MISTAKE. πŸ™‚ I repeat myself: the world is the same. But the way I see it: is amazing. And that depends solely on me, not on anyone else.

I end on the note of a smiling “Thank You”, resting on the appreciation and love of all that has been and is. Smile. πŸ™‚



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