Introduction to the “pain-body” concept

Short disclaimer: ” Please be kind enough to take my words as pointers. Everything I write is just a sign in a direction I see as positive. If taken literally, from my experience, everything may be challenged, fought against, disagreed upon. I am not here to prove a point, but rather to share an insight. All opinions and feedback are welcome and appreciated, but please remember that everything is open to personal interpretation.”

The “pain-body”, is what Eckhart Tolle calls pent-up negative energy. A negative energy, that may come from many sources, but all in all, it is ONE simple thing: our ego not being able to accept something that already happened.

This energy accumulates, our minds add stories and labels to it…we call events “unfair”, “hurtful”, “stressful”, “frustrating” the list can go on and on.

In fact, there are no such things:)… We just label PASSING moments of our lives as “X” and then hang on to that”X” for dear life!

The funny part is when we start defending our labels. We get mad, especially if someone does not agree with our point of view… Don’t they know how right we are??!!

I mean, it took a lot of work to build an identity with so much painstaking repeating of the same story. Over and over, to whomever is willing to listen! Or unwilling. It doesn’t even matter, the point is we regurgitate the story, so it seems more real. In reality, the label is nothing but a thought. We exist in spite of what thoughts we have, or the emotional experiences we go through.

That’s why I don’t do LABELS, forgive the rough way of putting it.

I’m not going to drive myself insane, repeating in my head something that happened. More so, something I have no power to change the outcome to. I will not tell myself I am a certain way because of an experience. Neither will I dwell on the past. Or on someone else’s reaction. It was a moment. It passed. What is here now, has NOTHING to do with it.

Of course, what I am saying is quite hard for the large majority to accept, as we are taught to believe by society, over the courses of our lives, that WE ARE THE OUTCOME OF OUR PAST. This is partially true. Yes, the amount of information we have, right this moment, is correlated to what experiences and energies we have lived through so far.

Still, no experience can DEFINE you.

For you to be a certain way, that “x” would have to be constant. You may do stupid things from time to time, it doesn’t show you are in fact stupid.

You many do intelligent things from time to time, it doesn’t define you as a genius.

The downfall of our ego is the fact that as much as it loves to sabotage with negative thoughts of how “unworthy/ other label” you are, it ALSO LOVES to praise itself for how “AWESOME/ Special/ insert other label” you are. Then it will make comparisons, to other events, people… etc etc. If you had a friend that was as undecided as your ego is about its opinion of you, you would probably deem that friend as MAD and run as far away as you could:))

Everything is relative. Someone far wiser than me said that. Many people deal with the issue of believing they are ” unsuccessful”, “unworthy”, “unlovable” etc…Yet, so many things point OTHERWISE in their lives. Why we choose to pick out the ONLY failure and completely disregard all our success…just proves the fact that we live in a RIDICULOUS mind-set.

So, to simplify my train of thought, over the courses of our lives we have experiences. Some experiences we label as “good” and some as “bad”.

For some reason, we very quickly forget about the “good” experiences and we concentrate on the “bad”. We tell ourselves we do this to PREVENT further “bad” experiences, but in reality, as Hale Dwoskin puts it, we are just carrying on our backs a huge baggage that has nothing of value in it. How silly. This “baggage” turns into a button that from time to time is pushed by outside circumstances/people in our lives, and it causes strong negative feelings. Eckhart Tolle calls it the “pain-body”. It’s that moment that someone in your life does something and you feel hurt because it reminds you of a past experience. That is the “x” that I have been talking about.

My belief is that there are no good/bad experiences. It’s just energy. Life goes on in spite of experiences, of us, of opinions, of thoughts, of feelings. We give ourselves so many explanations. It’s one of the first signs we are trying to prove something, and to give ourselves an excuse to hold onto our labels. Onto our stories.

Who am I if I don’t tell you my past? Well?!! Who am I? 🙂 The person you see right this moment. You don’t need to know anything. You just need to be present. I still EXIST even if I don’t tell you my story. The funny thing about stories is that they are never truthful. Life doesn’t allow them to be. Because I say something, and it’s just my view of that experience. And you hear what I say, then filter it to your experience, and in the end of all this process, there is a pointless NOTHING because we never heard each other. We just NUMBLY disregarded the present with a couple of stories that we could never understand fully as we did not experience them. So, for a while, we didn’t really live. So what relevance could the story of our labels have? 🙂

Just be present, you will see, that in this exact moment, if you focus on everything that is around you…there is no problem. There is just life.

Much love all,



5 thoughts on “Introduction to the “pain-body” concept

  1. Thanks ! Enjoyed these writings…..which has allowed for the insight about what the apparent “I” write is in and on that still changeless background which is always as it just is…as the movie of life plays on the changeless background of the screen, “we are that changeless background” … Welcoming that…. And some more ….and allowing to rest as that …..blessings and kind thanks agai 🙂

  2. “You are not your pain body” – words that always ring in my ears whenever I feel off balance. Your post was a great reminder of all that the phrase entails. Letting go is tough, but so necessary.

    • Yes, and it is a learning process. Or rather a letting go of the learning process that has taught us we should “remember” the negative in order to protect ourselves. 🙂 Thank you for your presence here, it is much appreciated.

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