World in my hands

I feel like I have the world in my hands and it’s so fragile:) I love life with an innate passion and I am so grateful for everything and everyone in it.

I sometimes look around me and a strong feeling of compassion hits me… There is so much that we don’t see and understand about ourselves… It’s incredible.

When I look at others I always see qualities. I see differences and nuances playing on the same energy. In the end, the irony is that people hurt themselves in attempts to be happy. For silly reasons. And that’s when I feel like I’m holding the world in my palms… As if I have to be ever so careful so it doesn’t break…

So…I come back to my most common thought : I love people. And on that note, please take a look at yourselves and appreciate how wonderful you are.

Much love, light and great energy!!



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