Dear you,

I am choosing to answer a private message publicly, not because I intend to make the matter public, but because I believe many people have the same issue and I hope my answer will help them too. 


You thought this woman was always ungrateful for all you did for her, what you didn’t understand was that she was and is more than grateful, even now, for all you have taught her. In fact, in every business meeting she says a little “thank you” in your name. What this woman never cared about…were the material things you threw at her. She never cared what you were wearing, who you spoke to, what car you had or where you lived. 

Never cared where you took her as long as she was with you. It was unimportant. 

To answer you, please don’t feel this way. Please take a look at all you have achieved before your birthday…so what if your plans didn’t pan out? So what if you didn’t marry this woman, you have a beautiful partner now…So what if you didn’t gain as much as you thought you would? Take a look at all you have achieved, build, all the people that surround and love you. 

All the things you have done professionally. All the wonderful places you’ve seen and the great amount of informaton that lies in your beautiful mind…Appreciate all you are now. It is all you have:) You might as well enjoy yourself. I think your life is pretty awesome. All you have to do is open your eyes and instead of looking at your unreached expectations look at all the beautiful surprises your life brought you. 

Now…you have to learn gratitude. For all you are and all you have. No, not the labels, but the energy. No, not the package, but the soul inside:)

I know I sound silly to you, but the thing I’m most grateful out of our relationship is the energy you have instilled in me. Because you made me into a driven woman. You taught me well. All the presents have already gone, what you left behind will never persish or wash away. And what you left behind, is a deep feeling of gratitude. So, thank you. 

Now thank yourself too and smile. Don’t feel upset for all you think you haven’t acvhieved. Plans are made to be broken:)

Smile, you will feel better. And if you can count on that I’ll always be here. 🙂 In one form or another.


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