Peaceful creation

So: I understand life takes me where I need to be. Sometimes, I still find it a bit hard to accept it. It’s when we become complacent in our thoughts and life patterns and soon enough I realise that it’s just my mind limiting me into a comfort zone.

I don’t believe in comfort zones. They are just limits, so, soon enough I let go and shift my view. How is this situation positive for me? How can I use it to my advantage? What opportunities lie in it/ come with it?

Life is limitless and absolutely stunning. I made the decision I was going to live it to the fullest.:)

Therefore, once more I create space inside myself. I embrace change and am grateful for the opportunity of new experiences. And if there is something I know to be true, that is the fact that I will thrive on it:).

Determined is just a label, however, it happens to be a large part of what I feel on a daily basis. My heart has never guided me wrong. 🙂

Much love, a lot of good energy and a huge smile from the heart



2 thoughts on “Peaceful creation

  1. Ma uitam prin albumele domnului Niculescu pe Facebook, unde ti-am gasit poza si de unde am aflat de blog. De curiozitate am inceput sa citesc putin si ce ma bucur ca am facut-o! Imi place mult cum scrii, se pare ca nu esti doar frumoasa ci si foarte desteapta 🙂 Blog added to Favourites; keep up the good work!

    • Cristina, iti multumesc din suflet pentru cuvintele frumoase pe care le spui la adresa mea. Sunt sigura ca nu le merit, insa vreau sa stii ca le apreciez enorm. Ma bucur ca iti place sa citesti ceea ce scriu:) Sper sa ne auzim curand. O imbratisare calda, Roxana

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