The covent II

There’s attention in every piece,

of your pulse begging release;

I don’t need you to live or die for me;

I just need you to let me be.

I don’t need your motivation

Your laugh or your persuasion…

I don’t need your adoration,

or the petrified state of anticipation,

I don’t need your hands or touch

I don’t need to want you  so much…

I just want the covent back

The women that have no lack

I just need my spirit strong

So I sleep, instead of long…

I just need what is not here

I need a body that’s so near…

patience… love, patience, my dear,

as time brings the voice you want to hear.

Push harder, go longer

press more, pull stronger!

“If you knew her, you’d love her too”

” Never same, always new…”

You thought your soul would break in two

everything you tried to hide … she knew.


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