My life, my love, my world,

Let yourself fall and unfold…

Fearless name turned in the sky,

Let her scent just pass you by…


Now I’m free, released, undone

With a story I’ve outrun

Story of grief and disdain,

I still feel in every vein.

and it passes through my soul

shattering breaths with control…


I need not one to save

To rule how I should crave;

I don’t need pieces of time

I don’t need your broken rhyme…


I just want to gather sighs

Of a freedom that defies

Every breath I took in pain

Every step I took with strain!


Can you take this place of light

replace shadows with delight?

Can you sound the colours I see

Resonate my need to be free?


Can you stand tall in my eyes

Can you see kisses as goodbyes?

Can you keep the man you are

Even though you know you’ll scar?


As my fingers strum a line

singing drops of the sublime,

Freedom IS my heart and mind

I’m a woman you can’t bind.




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