A word that is deeply etched in me. In my means being able to love and enjoy everything, no matter what happens around you or what your circumstances are. Now, because of my frame of mind, many times I have heard the sentence:” You don’t always get to do what you want to do”. 

I am lucky enough to always have passion in my present moment. Even in moments of anger. I live through each feeling until I feel it consumed. I need freedom in my world. Anything else than that always falls away. Grounding. Limits. Rules. Mind-frames. Relationships. People. Imposing. Fixations of never-ending minds.


Life is beautiful. Life flows, you just need to see the way. You can’t get trapped in believing something is a label. It’s just a moment in a never-ending present. 


I love people. I love them with all my heart. I love simple things. I love all the things they create. I love luxury, not because I need it, because I know of the creation that people put in it…and I enjoy it. Because I understand it. Like a wonderful book, I can see what went on in the author’s mind and I can appreciate the beauty of the end product. Because I SEE it. Not its advert. Not its identity. But the work and process behind it. That is beautiful to me. People trying. Believing. Loving. 

I think all masterpieces came this way, not by sticking by a standard. A wise man used to say : ” the difference between madness and genius can only be measured by success.” 

Beautiful. Strong. 


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